Friday, October 10, 2008

Bring On the Rain

The Westbrook rain garden project is nearing completion so I stopped by and took a few photos. This is a Public Works project designed as a component of the city's flood control efforts.
Westbrook Avenue has been removed and replaced with a linear rain garden planted with a low-mow seed mix, native grasses and forbs (flowers). A berm was constructed along the west edge of the site to protect the remaining homes. The existing sidewalk remains as does the curb on the creekside of the project and most of the existing street trees. The curb was left to reveal the historical signifigance of the boulevard designed by George Kessler. George Kessler was one of the preeminent landscape architects practicing in the early 1900's and he developed park boulevard systems for Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, South Bend, and Terra Haute. He was also involved in designing the campus landscapes for Indiana University in Bloomington, Butler University, and Rose Polytechnic in Terra Haute.

View Looking NW from Clinton Street
View Looking SE from State Street Area
Former Westbrook Roadbed With Curb Remaining.

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